My husband and I love the card so much we each have one in our names. Due to Covid, it allows us to get out and enjoy life. We have loved discovering the small towns and excellent unhurried golf courses and there are some real gems. We certainly get out moneys' worth!"


I saved over $700 on golf last year using my Canada Golf Card. The best part was I always had my golf savings with me because they are all on my phone with the phone app. Thank you Canada Golf Card!

Eric S.

WOW! What a great program! I’m a avid golfer in Alberta and Canada Golf Card saved me a tonne of money this year. We even used it in BC for our annual golf trip . We planned our entire BC golf trip around the courses available on the program. It also gave us driving directions to all the courses...very cool!

Curtis W.

I purchased two cards this year, one for my father in law and one for myself. We both loved the selection of courses and being able to use it 4 times for the courses we like to play. It made the perfect gift for my father in law as well. My shopping is done for next year already. I will be purchasing two cards again.

Adam M.

As a member of a private golf club I wasn't sure I would need a Canada Golf Card but was I wrong. This card kept golf interesting and fun by allowing me to play so many other great courses at a reduced rate. It's perfect for planning golf getaways and the phone app. is so convenient. Can't wait to get my 2014 card and see what new courses will be available to play.

S. Pettifer

Canada Golf Card was a handy way to save money. It was easy to use, and accepted at all the golf courses I go to. The savings helped me get in even more golf!

Linda W.

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