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Canada's #1 Golf Savings Program!

For the casual and hard core golf enthusiast, save as you play, every time!

Save HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS on your golf budget every year!!

  • Up to 50% off green fees
  • OVER 800 golf courses
  • Minimum of 4 discounts per golf course
  • Continually adding courses
  • The savings travel with you (adding courses in Arizona, Nevada and other travel destinations)
  • No more clumsy books to forget – (have all your discounts on your won’t forgot that!)
  • Pays for itself after one or two visits!
  • Golf for Less!

"I saved over $700 on golf last year using my Canada Golf Card. The best part was I always had my golf savings with me because they are all on my phone with the phone app. Thank you Canada Golf Card!" - Eric S.

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Register your new card. You'll be prompted to create a new account when viewing your receipt.

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Find a golf club where you can redeem your offers. Offers are to be used in the order in which they appear.

Step 4

Get your Phone APP and Get Golfing!